Association des parents fransaskois

Association of Fransaskois Parents

Who are we?

The Association des parents fransaskois (APF) has been at the service of francophone families and children in Saskatchewan since 1982. Our organization is recognized by parents for its actions and its support of the family’s development in French throughout the province.

Our mission is to provide services to welcome, support and promote the interests of parents in order to promote family development in French. 

Our clientele includes all parents of children and grandparents of eligible grandchildren, exogamous families, newcomers as well as those who want their children and grandchildren to flourish in French. This clientele consists of parents and grandparents with children and grandchildren in the following age groups:

  • 0 to 4 years old – registered or who wish to register them in a French-speaking daycare;
  • 5 to 17 years old – enrolled or who wish to enroll them in a French-speaking school;
  • 18 to 22 years old – registered or who wish to continue their post-secondary studies in a French-speaking establishment.
Association des parents fransaskois
Association des parents fransaskois

APF strives for excellence in all of its actions. We care deeply about the Francophone and Fransaskois identity, commitment, inclusion, collaboration, as well as leadership.

Association des parents fransaskois
Association des parents fransaskois

Our Services

We offer a multitude of services to our various clienteles, namely:

  • Weekly activities for families and children at the Family and Child Support Centers (CAFE) in the three major cities of the province (Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert).
  • Monthly activities for children in several small towns and rural communities in Saskatchewan through play groups.
  • Parenting workshops and virtual activities for children throughout the year from September to June.
  • Training for the educational staff of Francophone daycare services in Saskatchewan.
  • Support for Francophone daycare services and entrepreneurs wishing to start a daycare or an educational center.
  • A multitude of resources in French through the Early Childhood Educational Resource Center (CRÉPE).

Our Coordinates

To request general information and details about our activities, please contact us at or by phone at 306-653-7444.

To find out about our programming in the CAFEs or to visit us:

CAFE La Ritournelle


Carrefour des Plaines – 3850, Hillsdale Street
Regina, SK S4S 7J5
Ph: (306) 522-3240
Fax: (306) 522-3264

CAFE La Passerelle


910, 5th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 2C6
Ph: 306-653-7446 

Laeticia Mwayuma, CAFE

Prince Albert Animator

29, 11th Street East
Prince Albert, SK S6V 0Z8
Ph: 1-800-265-9277

To learn more about our Early Childhood Educational Resource Center (CRÉPE) French language resources, please call 1-800-265-9277 or email

Please note that most of our activities are in French, but we are open to welcoming and supporting non-French speaking parents and families who wish to provide French or bilingual education to their children.

Our bilingual staff will be happy to answer your questions and answer your needs in accordance with our above-mentioned mandate.